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2007 JOTA (Boy Scout Jamboree on the Air) Spring TX

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Red Cross ECRV 4707 arrives

Setting up

Rigging the Buddipole for 20m

Classroom Briefing

Richard discusses the finer points of what the ECRV is all about

We decided to add an interesting twist to the flag raising ceremony, flip a switch

and up it goes

WAY up there

Richard demonstrating the satellite data link

OOPS!… I didnt do it

If all else fails… Ham Radio really does work

how many scouts can we fit inside?

tuning up the radios for the event

lots of smiling faces

dishes and mast deployed

We found several interested in being future ECRV operators

Satellite communications discussion

Group Photo

Getting started with the contacts


What did he say?

Handling the mic like an old pro

Classroom debriefing and logging of contacts

Time to pack it all up and head out…. anybody know the way to Washington D.C. ???

Photos courtesy of Rudy Moore    Copyright RM Graphics


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November 21, 2007 at 9:46 am

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